COP26 Communiqué Signatory: 

Architecture 2030

HDR is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our own practice and that of our projects. Since 2011, we have achieved a 19% reduction in measured CO2. As a signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment since 2009, we have committed ourselves to designing projects that meet our Regenerative Design Framework targets and are carbon neutral by 2030. We have achieved a predicted energy use reduction of 51% for our entire design portfolio with 15% meeting the current 2030 Commitment target. If we continue to reduce our GHG emissions by 5% every year in the design of our building projects, we know we can deliver the regenerative projects required to meet this challenge. With an impact of roughly 50 million square feet every year, this is a significant reduction in GHG emissions that we are willing to take responsibility for.

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