COP26 Communiqué Signatory: 

Landscape Architecture Foundation

In this era of climate change, rapid urbanization, species extinction, and inequity, our patterns of land development need to change in a way that reimagines how we relate to our environment, our resources, and each other. Landscape solutions – how we arrange and design our cities, communities, and their outdoor spaces – are fundamental to creating this alternate future.

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) works to increase the influence and impact of landscape architects to create a healthier, just, and sustainable world. For over 50 years, LAF has been identifying priorities and strengthening the discipline to use their unique skills to take on pressing issues and bring about impactful change. Through research, scholarships, and leadership, LAF advances the body of knowledge and supports innovative projects and initiatives needed not only for the landscape architecture discipline but for the many other individuals and organizations working to address the climate crisis.

Access the Landscape Performance Series to find precedents and explore the measurable environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable landscape solutions.

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