COP26 Communiqué Signatory: 


KieranTimberlake signed on to the AIA 2030 Commitment, committing to make all buildings we design carbon neutral by the year 2030. We take a holistic view in designing for sustainability by integrating systems with environmentally ethical choices through:

  • Seeking beauty in design, unifying performance and aesthetics.
  • Collecting and enhancing the power of data to interpret building performance metrics.
  • Publishing, sharing, reporting, and discussing performance results frequently.
  • Providing resources empowering the firm to improve its environmental, economic, and social literacy.
  • Reducing the impact of our waste and water streams.
  • Making environmental choices clear, visible, and memorable.
  • Sharing successful tools, methods, and outcomes with the profession.

As a result, KieranTimberlake is aligned with 2030 Commitment targets in our design work and on track to reach net zero carbon in our practice operations.

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